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Our staff are our most valuable asset. As such, Fullerton Health Australia promotes a workplace culture of respect, tolerance, and diversity. We believe in the right of employees to reach their full potential in the workplace, and continuously strive for equal opportunity through a merit-based system of recruitment, development, and promotion.

Welcome to Brunswick Betta Health

Brunswick Betta Health is a bulk billing medical centre, open 7 days a week. Our doctors provide professional, quality healthcare across a wide range of medical and support services.

We have a team of dedicated and friendly staff and doctors who will be pleased to assist you with your healthcare needs.


Sat 21 December 9am – 4pm
Sun 22 December 9am – 4pm
Mon 23 December 7am – 5pm
Tue 24 December 7am – 5pm
Wed 25 December CLOSED
Thu 26 December CLOSED
Fri 27 December 7am – 5pm
Sat 28 December 9am – 4pm
Sun 29 December 9am – 4pm
Mon 30 December 7am – 5pm
Tue 31 December 7am – 4pm
Wed 1 January CLOSED
Thu 2 January 7am – 5pm
Fri 3 January 7am – 5pm
Sat 4 January 9am – 4pm
Sun 5 January 9am – 4pm
Mon 6 January 7am – 5pm
Tue 7 January 7am – 5pm
Wed 8 January 7am – 5pm
Thu 9 January 7am – 5pm
Fri 10 January 7am – 5pm

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